This is a 90-day transformation. Yes, I said 90 days! Why? Because this is going to launch you into a whole new way of living. Your entire world is going to shift. You are going to be learning new ways to think about yourself and your food. You will become intimate with your emotions and what your body has been trying to tell you for years. These changes don’t happen overnight; you need time and consistency to break the chains holding you hostage in the past and create new habits that can last a lifetime.

This challenge is for you if:
βœ” You're ready for lifestyle changes.
βœ” You want to love yourself and your body regardless of where you are.
βœ” You want tools to serve your body and mind.
βœ” You're ready to be your body's best friend!

This challenge isn't for you if you want:
❌A Diet/Meal Plan
❌ Daily Workout Videos
❌ Effortless Weight Loss
❌ Mindset work? No way!

What to Expect:
πŸš€Weekly Meditations to start your week off right!
πŸš€ Weekly FB Live Q&A Sessions
πŸš€ Access to a library of all past Momentum Calls
πŸš€ Live Monthly Group Check-in calls via Zoom

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