Start Creating The Partnership Of Your Dreams

Did you know everything has a measurable frequency? Now before you think you think you got sent to the wrong place; read on! It will all make sense in end. The trees, soil, animals, our bodies, and even our organs have specific frequencies. Now, did you know even our thoughts have actual frequencies? Negative thoughts have low frequencies, lowering our body’s frequency. Positive thoughts raise our frequency. So, in reality, when you walk into the room interrupting an argument, and you can literally feel the tension, you are feeling the lower frequencies of their thoughts and bodies. 

Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? Basically -- similar frequencies, or energies, attract similar energies. If you have a higher frequency in your body and mind, you will, in turn, attract others or experiences with positive/higher frequencies in them. Similarly, if you live a life full of negativity, you will most likely find yourself surrounded by other negative energy. Horses are sensitive animals. They will pick up the frequency you carry. This is often why horses won't let you catch them if you enter the pasture if you are full of anxiety, stress, in a rush, or your mind is running wild. Learning how to improve our mindset and emotions is vital to becoming a leader that a horse feels they can trust. 

Do you talk to yourself? I’m assuming you’re sitting there, nodding yes. We all do! Now here’s the thing, you need to be speaking to yourself in the right way for things to change! You cannot expect your horse to feel calm and have confidence in you to keep them safe if your self-talk consists of, “I am so overwhelmed; I can’t handle this right now; I’m so stupid; what else could go wrong?” You don't need to be an expert trainer to start developing deep connections with your horse. You have exactly what you need to be a partner and leader! 

Your day can't be positive if your thoughts and words are swimming in negativity. Now don’t get me wrong; I understand days can be challenging! But what I am saying is how we think about it, talk about it, and choose to handle situations, which is very important. According to several sources, the average adult has about 6,000 thoughts a day. Do you see how important it is to try and make all those thoughts working for us? If we want to create a connected partnership and be a leader, our horse will trust we must learn to understand our emotions and have an encouraging and welcoming mindset for our equine friends. 

Here are three things I want you to try:
I want you to think about how you want your day to go. Then speak it in the present tense, in a positive way. If you want your day to be fun and easy, I want you to say, “Today is fun and easy.” Take note; I don’t say, “Today will be fun and easy.” Adding in ‘will be’ makes it something that hasn’t happened yet, which in turn, might not happen. 

Let’s use another example. “I want to be connected with my horse." Again, using the word want makes it something that you haven’t achieved yet. Your brain can still fill yourself with doubt that it is even possible. If you instead say, “I am connected with my horse,” you are tricking your brain into believing that you are patient, and believe it or not, you will be.
I want you to envision your future. What are dreams that you have that feel unreachable? Manifesting is all about speaking in the present tense to create what you want to happen in the future. “Ace and I canter bareback in unity” is an example. We haven’t reached this place on our journey, but I speak about it in the present tense. To give it even more power, add a deadline. “Ace and I canter bareback in unity by --.” Speaking your reality as you want will make your brain and bodywork towards those goals; you do whatever it takes for your spoken reality to be your actual reality.  Remember to omit words like want or will. 
Self-love. You hear that phrase all the time. But do you actually have it? Manifesting can feel very difficult if you have no belief in yourself or your abilities. You might feel unworthy to work with your horse or not good enough. Confidence is vital to being a good leader to our equine partners; thus, it's important to work on ourselves! 

When you are talking about yourself, it's important to use me, or I in your statements. To start, this phrase carries a lot of emotion in it. “Me love me.” The first few times I said it out loud, my eyes welled up with tears. It isn’t grammatically correct, but it makes it more powerful in your heart and mind. “Me love all of me. Me accept me. I am enough. I am worthy." 

If you find yourself in a negative mindset, let's use anger, for example; remember to love yourself through it. Send love to your anger. “Hey, anger, I see you. I love and accept you; it's ok, I recommit.” Adding in the piece “I recommit” allows you to have a blank slate and start over. You aren't condoning your anger, but like a hurt child, you love the big emotions knowing they are a reaction to fear. When you send love to anger, you will feel compassion toward yourself. When you feel compassion for yourself, your anger will lose its hold over you.