Witnessing that moment of understanding flooding in— that’s why!

One by one, the dots start to connect.

The clarity and understanding of how to help your horse thrive! 

Here, I do my best to offer horse owners a deeper understanding of proper muscle function, range of motion, emotional and mental aspects, and how these relate to many common everyday issues. It's not about a magic fix or a bandaid. Here, we focus on the whole horse.

Welcome to Rise Again Equine Therapy with Leanne Nelson.

Experience top-quality services that cater to your horse's needs beyond Rose Valley, Saskatchewan. 
With my extensive coverage area, I am committed to providing my services to a large portion of the province. 

This map shows my approximate work radius. Please get in touch with me for more details.
I am willing to work outside this area, but certain requirements will apply. 
Approximate Rates
Rates start at $80 a horse, depending on your location.
Group Discounts May Also Be Available.

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Client Experiences
A bit about me

Life is crazy, isn't it? From growing up on the back of a horse, to getting into barrel racing in my later 20s, to having two beautiful daughters, navigating postpartum depression and anxiety and feeling lost and completely disconnected from myself and my horses - 

to learn how to reconnect with my most authentic self, find deeper relationships with horses than I ever thought possible, help my heart horse heal physically, and then turn around and help other horses and their humans do precisely that, too... life is crazy!

Rise Again Equine Therapy isn't just a business; it feeds my soul and enriches my life like no other job could.

Client Story #1
Carla was one of my first clients. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with her and her horses. 

 “I feel that Rise Again Equine Therapy has helped Rolex out mentally and emotionally this racing season. 

I've always known Rolex had the speed and ability to be a top of 1D barrel horse but there just seemed to be something costing us that crucial split second timing that's needed to be at the top. 

I've had a few sessions for Rolex from Leanne with hands-on treatment and some sessions were completed remotely. This was the only change in my training program this season. I noticed that he has been more relaxed at saddling time. Prior to treatment he would be a bit anxious, swinging into me and his head would be elevated.. He stands still now with his head level for saddling. He also leaves the arena after a run in a better state of mind.

 He has became more consistent and dependable with his runs, which creates less worry for me and ultimately gives him a better feel from me.

 I believe we have became a better team this season with the help of Rise Again Equine Therapy. “
— Carla Fidyk

Before & Afters
Massage, Musculoskeletal Unwinding, Redlight, MFR, Cranial Sacral Decompression
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