I never knew getting back into horses after having my babies would be so dang hard!

After getting through postpartum depression after each birth of my daughters (which manifested as anger) I realize is that my roller coaster mood swings were just the tip of the iceberg. When I wanted to work with our greenbroke colt, Ace, I realized I wasn’t the leader he needed. I was still too quick to anger as my default pushy training methods were not working. My pride, stubbornness, and fear of failure were doing us a major disservice. Soon, the dots started to connect. I lacked confidence, empathy and a sense of calmness in every area of my life. 

I can’t help but giggle when I look back and see it took a horse to make me realized how much I was missing out on in life. My husband, kids, and Ace all needed the same thing. MeBut a confident, happier, calmer me. My own brain is finally working with me, not against me. I’m able to focus on what others need, both two or four-legged. I am becoming a whole new person, and, as a result, every aspect of my life is improving! I have never felt more fulfilled, getting back into horses after having my babies.

I want you to know that you have the power within you to take control of your dreams. I am so excited to help you to bring light into your life. I know you can do this! You will create that connection you’ve always dreamed of having with yourself, your horse and your loved ones.

All because of my love for a horse...my entire world changed.
I listened to my heart and pursued my deepest desires, which transformed my entire life.

I share what I learned in my eBook: Becoming the Leader My Horse Needs

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