Do You Desire More Time? 

Here are three practical methods you can start implementing today
to help you get more time for yourself.
Know What You Want

Now while this might seem ridiculous, most us always feel pulled in several different directions. We might really want to ride three times a week, but deep down we always feel guilty when we do. We might feel like in order to get our own horsie time, something always suffers. The housework doesn't get done; we miss time with the kids; we don't get to visit with the spouse much...the list could be endless. But in all reality, we need to slow down and truly understand how important us time is.

When I have time with my horses, I am a better human. I am a better wife, mom, and friend. I am happier; I feel fulfilled; my cup is overflowing, so I can easily give to others. How does having time with your equine partners make you feel? Write it down now. OK, now look at your list. See how important it is? See how your version of self-care actually matters to you and how it affects your loved ones? Don't let guilt stop you from going to the barn. Don't let the fear of getting behind with -insert your concern here- prevent you from taking care of yourself. 

Now that you know, start reverse engineering your day so that you know you'll fit in me-time. "In order to ride, I need to do X, Y, Z and some A, B, C."
Time & Done

Set the timer! You know what's gotta get focus on that one thing. Yes, I said one thing. Don't allow yourself to get sucked into the chaos of starting five jobs all at once. Do you know what I mean, you go to gather laundry that pulls you into collecting dishes, which translates into emptying the dishwasher, resulting in organizing the Tupperware drawer. SET-THE-TIMER. 

Give yourself a respectable amount of time for your task. 20-30 minutes of focused work will have you accomplishing way more than you can even imagine!

So often we feel the endless pull to work till the work is done. But, we all know, that doesn't happen. 

Writing down what you have done in the day helps your mind give you praise, "Look at this huge list of all the things I've done and all the people I've cared for!" This simple task rewards your brain. It's easier to start shifting our mindset when we feel accomplished. When we become energized, happy and proud of what we have done we also become more efficient, using less time.
You "Get To"

Now, when you think of all the things that you "need" to get done, I want you to change those thoughts to "I get to do the dishes/laundry/floors." That one tiny word change will change your world. It speaks gratitude into the mundane chores you are sick of doing. "I get to do laundry = I get to do laundry 'cause I'm blessed with daughters who love outside and exploring. I get to do the dishes since we can afford to buy food and eat today." Feel the difference?

Your mind is amazing, and we can start reprogramming it in these simple ways. It's almost tricking ourselves into a mind shift! So,  practice that 5-10 times right now, saying things you "get to" do today!

If you want to change, you need to implement the change!