Enhance Your Equine Connection Series

Success:  a deep understanding, a connection with your equine partner; 

a relationship that uses thoughts, emotions and energy to communicate, feel and trust 

allowing your partnership to thrive.

“I’ve never felt so in tune with my horse. It’s like the invisible barrier between us has dissolved 
and we now have a way to communicate on a heart-focused level.”

Through tear-filled eyes, “It breaks my heart that she was suffering from this emotional turmoil. But it makes perfect sense! I finally feel like I can support her how she needs, and while she isn’t a teddy bear yet, there is curiosity and softness in her eyes.”

“When I finally identified what I was feeling and why… it was like the door finally opened, and my horse could finally see me, the real me! 
We could finally connect!”

“I had no idea just how much static there was within our communication. Between the trapped energies of both of us, 

no wonder there was so much confusion and frustration. I’m so excited for our future.”


It never ceases to amaze me, again and again, horse after horse, how much peace it brings to finally let go of trapped energies and old baggage to feel the freedom and self-belief every single BEing deserves. 



It’s time to Enhance Your Equine Connection. This series combines remote Energy Clearing & Healing with strategies to improve confidence, self-belief and leadership. Every partnership has its own unique energy that is the combination of each individual. Here, we work on that relational energy between horse and rider partnerships to create a deeper connection.

Round One Testimonials Three Weeks In
with three weeks left to go!

“I’ve been awarded the most challenging horse thus far in my horse journey. I was super frustrated and really at my wit’s end, and my horse showed signs of feeling the same.  

Leanne’s program, Enhance Your Equine Connection, intrigued me, so I signed up. 

It’s turning out to be the best thing I could have ever done! I’m feeling full of promise. My horse has changed dramatically, both physically and emotionally, and our connection is getting stronger.  

The tools that Leanne is providing as a group, along with our individual session feedback each week, have been an exciting and growing experience.”

"It takes guts to blindly try new techniques and lean into something we don't quite understand...but I suppose that applies to all aspects of riding and training horses.  

What I know from first-hand experience is that Leanne’s program, Enhance Your Equine Connection, stretched my thinking and challenged me to dig really deep.

I have seen physical changes in my horse, and I felt supported from a distance while I learned. It's tough to put your finger on it, but I couldn't deny the shifts I was noticing when I went to the barn. Definitely worth looking into."

"We are halfway through the Enhance Your Equine Connection Series, and quite frankly, I am gushing at the results. 

While chatting with a friend today, I realized how much better she has been to catch! Being somewhat evasive, she would often walk away from me at first sight and hide behind other horses, where we ended up playing a slow game of peek-a-boo until she would settle and stand still. Now, I’ve been able to go out there and not only is she looking at me with a sense of happiness and curiosity, but she accepts the halter, no questions asked! 

My next realization was how much she wants to stay near me. She started following me around in her pen at liberty and hanging out with me after I let her go for as long as I stayed with her. Not long ago, she would have promptly turned away and left for her herd mates.  

Seeing her become friendly and willing is something I cherish, and I cannot wait to see how things continue to evolve over the remaining three weeks!" -Leanne

"I needed to pop on and say how incredible my experience with Leanne - Enhance Your Equine Connection was.

I felt drawn and intrigued to be part of this and knew I just had to take it as I'm on a journey of self-help and healing.

I have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to raising my incredible three sons. Unfortunately, that road took me away from horses and the time I had to dedicate myself to them. Now that my children are no longer babies, all they want to do is ride. And the time is now to get back to what I started. I have had this deep connection to my four-legged magical steeds since I was a young child; I always felt safe with them and like I could talk to them. I was a sleepwalker as a child, and once, when I was 5 or 6, my parents found the door to the house open and me missing from my bed they found me in the pasture curled up in the shoulder of our chestnut gelding. I have always felt that being a mother and having a deep connection to horses was my life's purpose. But I couldn't juggle both until now.

I have felt waves of healing through the six weeks of this course. I am unlocking forgiveness that has been trapped deep within for years. All these trapped emotions were brought to the surface for me to face, let go of and finally heal from. Not only has Leanne been doing it on me, but my horse as well. Things that he may have been born with or belonged to a distant relative That no longer serves him.

I also realized how similar my horse and I are, suffering with pains and trapped emotions and energy levels; I've noticed we are one of the very same, suffering the same hurt, two incredible souls that deserve to be freed and no long struggle with all these things that have been holding us back from living our best life.

I have been able to see what he wants from me, and the things in my life that no longer serve me have been brought to my attention and how they need to go to bring me closer to my dreams and connection that I desire moving forward to the next chapter of my life with my horses.

I can't wait to watch and feel the energetic connection grow and strengthen as I move towards getting back into horses.

"As I reclaim my connection to mysteries that can not be spoken, when I'm fully initiated voluntarily or involuntarily by the ancient ones, I grow with power that people sense but can't quite explain. Like the mare-headed goddess, I don't have to say a word my very presence is the catalyst for meaningful change."
This quote is from a card Leanne kept pulling for me; it says it all."
- Kassandra

“I met Leanne in August, not knowing what all her talents were, when I booked my mares in for a session. After watching and talking with her during the session, not only were my horses immediately showing signs of improvement in their bodies, but I could visually see a huge change, especially in my one mare’s demeanour. Something was going on that I had never experienced with her before. She became calmer and more fluid; she felt different when I rode her. This intrigued me, and I wanted to know more about Leanne’s connection with horses.  

Leanne contacted me about the Enhance Your Equine Connection sessions she was getting ready to offer, and I was in! We are halfway through the sessions now, and I continue seeing and feeling changes in my horse and myself.  

I haven’t been riding, but hopefully soon, and I hope to feel the connection under saddle that we are having on the ground. This type of connection for both the rider and the horse is new to me. It can feel overwhelming and confusing, but Leanne is there to help you understand and guide your journey.  

I’m so happy I signed up and grateful I met Leanne to help me understand my best friends better and myself. I highly recommend connecting with Leanne and discussing what she offers in her programs."

Results from Clients:

  • I have a deeper understanding of how I can support her.
  • He has less anxiety and is more relaxed.
  • He is more consistent and dependable.
  • We are becoming a better team.
  • I’m gaining a deeper trust in myself.
  • He has more flowing, freer movement.
  • More cooperative.
  • Brighter eyes.
  • He is now standing to be saddled.
  • Calmer and more focused.
  • More interactive and friendly.
  • More relaxed.
  • It was a big confidence boost for both of us.
  • More at ease.
  • Better mental processing.
  • He is so much happier now.  
  • He seems somehow lighter.
  • Her eye is softer.
  • Softer and more willing.
  • It was our best barrel season yet.
  • We had our best lesson ever.
  • I’m speechless. It was very emotional reading the report about what she’s going through.
  • We won 2nd at the rodeo on day one, then 1st  place on day two and fast time of the weekend! 

At this time, I will only be working with six partnerships!
We start the week of May 6th, 2024

Six weeks, Six sessions, Six lessons. 
Starting at $497
Upgrade to VIP $597
 VIP bonuses:
  • Last Round to Receive Lifetime Access to the lessons and community.
  • 6 Individual “Way of the Horse” Card Reading for weekly focus and inspiration.
  • Customized essential oil blend for horse/rider tailored to your unique needs.
  • Last Round to Receive Lifetime VIP Membership with Exclusive Sales & Promotions

Keep in mind that buying six sessions is a $450 value on its own!

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