Do you want a deeper connection with your horse? Do you want a partnership built on trust? Do you find yourself easily frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed? You dream of having a fun, easy, confident connection with your horse, but deep down you are struggling to find happiness, self-love, inner calm and a clear focus.

You don't know how, but you want that magical spark back in your life and in your equine partnership. Learn how to calm your overwhelming emotions and become the partner your horse needs: calm, focused, happy, present, and most of all, a good listener.

I'm here to give you the tools to transform your relationship! 
Included: three months of online group coaching so I can help you along your journey.

NOW AVAILABLE: I know how busy you are, so I have just added a NEW audio format to make listening in that much easier! These audio files will play in the background of your phone (hello multi-taskers!) AND even when your phone screen is off - JUST like a podcast! 
Some kind words from wonderful people I've worked with...

  • learn how and why your big emotions are interfering in your equine partnership.
  • pinpoint the precise emotion(s), the underlying cause, and how to release them effectively.
  • start creating healthy habits to create that magical connection.
  • create a skillset to use anytime to free your mind during moments of stress or chaos.  
  • understand what your horse needs from you.
  • learn simple ways to start listening to your horses' language to know their wants, fears and insecurities; develop trust and understanding.
  • have access to an online community for questions and give/get support from your peers
  • three months of group coaching to accelerate your transformation!

  • Yes! You have access to all materials and the support group for life. I want you to go through this course at your pace; with no rushing or feeling pressured. 
  • The course is held within a vault on my website. This makes it much easier to find your lesson and stay on task instead of fumbling inside social media.
  • Expect 10-20 min lessons in video and written format with tasks to help you on your journey. This course is designed to go at your own pace (one module a week is encouraged) with a total of 13 modules.
  • This course focuses primarily on you within your equine partnership. You are the key to change, thus I feel it is vital to first focus on our ourselves before diving into work with the horses. I do show you ways to start creating a deeper connection as the course goes on. 
  • Yes, there are some worksheets/pdf's when I feel they would be beneficial. They are not in every lesson. I believe in "no fluff" so I won't talk or make you do anything I don't believe is important. Our time is precious!

A bit about me:

I am so passionate about helping others create an authentic relationship with their horse. Why? Because I myself had to find my way through buried trauma, postpartum depression, busy moments of motherhood and more to allow my heart to be open to what my horse really needed. 
But a genuinely happy and healthy me. I learned how to release the negativity that was holding me back from respecting my horses' wants, fears, and insecurities. Only then, was I able to become the leader we both needed me to be. 

There is no need to struggle alone. I want to help you create that magical connection with yourself, and your horse! ... read more