These 7 exercises helped me get back in the saddle after having kids.
Riding after having babies is a challenge! Not only are we completely different humans; our brains work differently, our bodies are different, and our confidence might be less, but when it's hard to even get back into the saddle, it can feel really embarrassing.

First off - don't let anyone, and I mean anyone, shame you for your diminished strength, flexibility and grace. You have done an amazing thing carrying and delivering a baby; whether vaginally or c-section, the toll on our bodies is massive. It is to be expected that your core, flexibility and glutes will be stiff, sore and weaker. Yes, some women can 'bounce back' without missing a beat, but my friends...this isn't the norm, ok! So, stop comparing yourself to someone else, and stop letting anyone shame you. Be proud of getting back out there, my friend! 

After the birth of each of my daughters, I can still remember the scary feeling that I almost couldn't get on; when I finally managed to get in the saddle, I felt sooooo top-heavy! Any quick movements from my horse had me flopping around like a dummy this way and that. (Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but that's what it felt like!)

I took a few exercise programs to start regaining strength in my body. I also walked to increase my stamina and focused on targeted muscles with each step. Tighten Glute with each step. Engage my core for 20 steps, relax for 10, and engage my core for 20. Tighten the thigh with each step. Walk on tiptoes. This was a fantastic starting point and often startled me by how much I would sweat and how much I could feel the effects afterwards. 

Once I felt stronger walking, I knew I was ready to add in daily exercises. These 7 exercises helped me get back in the saddle after having kids. I loved how they were gentle, and encouraged a flat tummy, but I could quickly feel them changing my body for the better!

If you'd like to see a short video where I show a few demos, you can check that out here:

Here is a summary of the exercises that helped me the most!

1. Pelvic Tilt/Engage Core while laying on floor, knees bent
2. While your core is engaged in doing the above exercise, bend side to side to touch your heels
3. Hip thrusts while laying on the back with knees bent. The next step is when your core is raised, add in a bent leg lift
4. Plank - start with short times, and work your way up
5. Pushups - start with wall/ then hands-on bench knees floor, then standard "girl" pushups, then full pushups.
6. Squats - use a chair under your bum to assist you.
7. Step-ups onto a stable surface are also amazing and mimic getting on a horse a bit too. If using a chair, lean it against a wall and make sure it's not tippy!! Falling off hurts, trust me.
8. Bonus - Exercise ball sit: Engage your core and gently sway your hips side to side and front to back. Add in circles both ways. Perfect for watching your favourite TV show or working at a desk.

Disclaimer! I am not a doctor or physical therapist...take this advice as just that,.... advice from a momma of two who struggled to ride/get on my horse after having babies.

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